THINaër Platform & Application Updates

– New features for the THINaër IoT connectivity platform & infrastructure management tools –


THINaër enables organizations to track the people, places and things that matter most. To do that, we’re hard at work constantly refining our methods. Check back often to see the latest and greatest updates to the THINaër platform and applications.

Support for new devices

  • We’re excited to announce we now have support for additional beacons! Using the following new beacons, you can monitor and track location, temperature and humidity of all your critical assets and locations:
    • Bluetooth smart scale by Xiaomi
    • iCap by TimerCap
    • Smartband wearable
    • Milwaukee Tool tick
    • Blue Maestro pebble
    • Blue Maestro tempo disc
    • Personnel badges
  • We’ve built our own gateway, too! Now we offer a more affordable small form factor wifi gateway.
  • Now you can update your equipment to include maintenance records. Add last maintenance date and next scheduled maintenance date to feed upcoming maintenance reports. Keep track with at-a-glance output in the equipment details page.

Applications for mobile and tablet

  • We know how important it is to provide a plug-and-play experience with our development and starter kits. That’s why we’ve started beta testing applications for use on the latest iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
    • Coming soon to an app store near you!
    • Are you interested in participating in our next beta? SIgn up now»

Maps and blueprints

  • Now you can upload maps or blueprints of your system, building or zone for easy monitoring of all the assets in your organization. Drag and drop your gateways and beacons (or locations and assets) onto the map using our Sonar dashboard. Then click a gateway (or location) to see all the beacons or assets associated with it.

Logos and branding

  • Now you can upload your organization’s logo to your Sonar account for branding and identity management. Works great for agencies and white labeling, too!

Alerts and notifications

  • Need to be informed when something changes in your environment? We’ve updated our API to include notifications and alerts for humidity, temperature, pressure and battery level.

Reporting and exporting

  • This is one of our most exciting features! We’ve added support for a number of reports, all of which can be exported or downloaded for further data science. Use the data in THINaër to answer the following questions:
    • Where are all of my people, places or things?
    • Have there been any major changes over time?
    • What equipment is located near Room 101 or warehouse 3?


  • Have a lot of equipment? Managing several locations? Tracking lots of personnel? Sonar now supports pagination so you can easily sort by asset, location, type and page through 10 at a time for easy consumption.

Have questions about the recent changes or want to discuss partnership opportunities?

We’re always eager to share our progress and excited to partner with other software, hardware and solutions vendors! We’d love to discuss your use case, our features or how we can work together to bring value to our customers.