Track your things in real time.
Watch changes as they happen.

Location, Temperature, & Humidity

Sonar gives you real time location information on all of your assets using our proprietary THINaër Iris beacons. Whether you want to know where a team member is, if that order is ready for shipment, or where that pallet is sitting, Sonar will let you know without precious time being wasted searching and hunting.

With our Iris ii18e beacons, you can monitor real time environmental data. See temperature and humidity data in real time, along with past information including movement, temperature, and humidity over time in an easy-to-read chart.

Triggers & Actions

Would it be helpful to get a notification when an asset’s location, temperature, or humidity changes? No more constant monitoring.

With Sonar’s triggers & actions, users can set up custom alerts based on where assets are or if the temperature or humidity changes too much. Want to know when a team member enters a room, when an object leaves, or if a piece of equipment gets too hot or cold? Sonar takes care of you.

Custom Reporting

Generate custom reports for view or download. Sort and filter information by location, keyword, tag, or attribute. Quickly gain critical knowledge of where, when, and how your assets are being used. Share reports or mark as private, or even generate company-wide reports that users can view on their dashboard.

Smart Asset Search

Get access to your assets at your fingertips. With Sonar’s smart asset search, you can type in an asset’s name, location, or any other attribute to find your things quickly and easily.

Interactive Maps

Get real time location information on your assets. At a glance, see items that may raise concern, where people are, and hotspots of activity in your facility. Quickly monitor current temperature and humidity of critical equipment, and be aware of problems — before they arise.

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