Build your custom solution. Gain data in real time.

Clean Data. Delivered.

With THINaër’s exclusive API, you gain access to all of your beacons’ and gateways’ data in real time. An easy-to-digest JSON object bundles the information in a clean, readable, process-able format. Current proximity/location, environmental data, hardware information, and RSSI/signal strength are cleaned and parsed by our proprietary Overlook engine before being sent to you.

Your Data is Secure.

THINaër API’s components are compartmentalized, each keeping parts of your data in individual layers. These layers and various levels of packet handling keep your information and devices out of sight from prying eyes. All of our connections are secure, and your information doesn’t come together until the moment it’s sent to you. We take security seriously, and THINaër takes pride in ensuring your data’s safety.

Hassle-Free Location Tracking

When a beacon’s data is returned, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute data including the current gateway which sees the beacon. This is in part thanks to THINaër’s proprietary Overlook engine, which parses the digital data packets sent from all devices, and returns only the clean information you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

If your beacon is in range of several gateways, then THINaër API only returns the one your beacon is closest to, so that it’s easy to read the data and know exactly where your assets are. THINaër API also provides historical movement data, which means you can easily view where beacons have traveled or even dissect traffic patterns.

Precise Environmental Monitoring

Get real time temperature and humidity from your devices with THINaër API. Monitor the atmosphere in sensitive rooms or keep an eye on critical equipment. View past environmental data to catch potential issues before they ever arise. With our selection of beacons, environmental data (about temperature, humidity and pressure) is pushed directly to your application when you need it.

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