Tricia Shevlin

VP of Sales

Outgoing Texas personality and passionate change agent.

Tricia is focused on building channel communities that address business challenges with new technology and revolutionizing the world.

Tricia Shevlin has been fascinated with technology since cellular communications changed how we do business in the 90’s. Starting her career with AT&T in 1997 as it was changing from a long-distance carrier to a global powerhouse fueling the dot-com industry and the adoption of the mobile device by business and consumers. At AT&T, she held multiple roles, including supporting the launch of the first digital network.

This laid the groundwork for a career in helping companies solve business challenges with the latest technology and services. In 2005, she joined Advantix, part of the fast-growing communications lifecycle management industry, where she led sales, channel development and marketing.

Today, as Vice President of Sales at THINaër, a front runner in delivering IoT solutions to business of any size, Shevlin oversees, development and strategic direction of global sales.

Tricia graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a MBA in Marketing.

With a passion for volunteering and mentorship, she is known for her personable nature and heart for serving others.

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