Are you maximizing your assets?

Equipment. People. Things. These are all essential assets to your company.

Do you know where they are when you need them? Are they being utilized to their maximum potential? With THINaër, you can easily track, manage, and monitor your assets and devices. Our proprietary system allows you to capitalize on the Internet-of-Things and maximize efficiency in your organization.

Hardware Interface for Developers & Custom Solution Providers

End-User Application for Asset Tracking & Beacon Management

Sometimes you need to reinvent the wheel.

That's why we developed THINaër's proprietary hardware system.

BLE Proximity & Environmental Beacon

BLE THINaër Protocol Gateway

Who is THINaër?

Meet our team & learn about our company culture.


Internet of Things Equipment Management

We monitor your IoT devices so you don't have to. THINaer schedules your repairs, battery replacements, and more before you even knew you needed it.