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The first ever IoT platform building a new class of actionable data.

Improving Home Health

Improving the continuum of care from hospital to home.


IoT Starter Kits for Rapid Prototypes

Everything you need to start proving real returns…today.

THINaer is a cloud-based IoT platform that leverages the latest in Bluetooth technology to generate a new class of actionable data from the peopleplaces and things that drive organizations forward. Enterprise-grade, built on a robust Location Engine and available via well-documented RESTful APIs, THINaër serves up the data needed to make better business decisions and answer challenging questions never answered before.

Robust & Scalable

THINaër provides the most comprehensive overview of business operations ever. From real-time data to dashboards and APIs, THINaër connects people, places and things to drive more meaningful business outcomes.

Faster Time to ROI

Traditional asset tracking solutions typically require an infrastructure overhaul. THINaër integrates seamlessly with existing systems to track location, temperature and humidity without jumping through hoops.

Endless Use Cases

Most IoT solutions are focused on the future. At THINaër, we make it easy to implement tangible use cases today. From asset tracking to environmental monitoring, our solutions are built to implement today and scale for tomorrow.

Sonar Data Dashboard

Powering real-word ROI today

THINaër provides real-time asset tracking solutions and web-based monitoring applications that help organizations make smarter, more informed business decisions.

The platform is built on a powerful Location Engine and flexible APIs for a fully customizable solution and surrounded by an ecosystem of 3rd party applications.

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Featured Use Cases

From healthcare to manufacturing

THINaër enables customers to track people, places and things and use their data to answer probing questions about the health of their organizations.

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Easy, efficient & enterprise-grade

THINaër in action

THINaër provides real-world return in no time without all the hassle of traditional systems. Get up and running in 3 easy steps:

  • Tag your people, places or things with beacons
  • Drop our gateway(s) onto your wireless network
  • Monitor critical data about people, places and things from anywhere!

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Robust Developer Zone

IoT platform components ready for enterprise development

Our end-to-end asset tracking solution provides everything you need to start protoyping:

  • RESTful APIs, robust Location Engine, webhooks and SDKs
  • Getting started guide and authentication information
  • Rich API documentation with code snippets and examples
  • Forums, FAQs and release notes

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IoT Platform Components | THINaër

50 Million

data points processed per day


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possible use cases

Architecting an IoT Ingestion Platform with AWS

I've spent the last several years working with data and analytics on some interesting datasets with varying degrees and types of requirements. But none of them required near real-time responses factored into the IoT platform's architecture. That's just one...

If you could solve even one problem today, what would it be?

THINaër is helping organizations save money and increase revenue with IoT solutions that can be deployed today and enhanced tomorrow.