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Launched in 2016, THINaër is an Advantix company that makes assets smart and connected. By hardening IoT technology for the enterprise, THINaër is shaping a new way for companies to gain new context for understanding their business and manage their devices, objects, and people in real time. THINaër delivers affordable RTLS beacon technology with a patent-pending SaaS platform to provide a fast and affordable way for organizations to track and manage any asset.

Our Team

Bryan Merckling


Bryan is a visionary technologist.

With the world’s largest B2B online exchange, Bryan connected companies from all over the world and re-engineered the supply chains of multiple industries.

Bryan then built Webify as co-founder and COO, where he connected the healthcare industry using web services technology. After major health networks and insurance companies including BCBS and Aetna adopted the technology, Webify was acquired by IBM.

Bryan served as Director of Worldwide Software Strategy for IBM where he analyzed emerging technologies and the potential market sizes of each new technology stream. Bryan also led the channel due diligence for IBM business acquisitions.

Bryan left IBM to connect coached and athletes around the world with technology that is now core to the operations of some of the world’s largest sports programs and used by athletes around the world, including Hank Haney Golf and the Tour Academies. The technology has been featured on ESPN and is under LOI to be acquired.

Greg Winn, VP of Product

Greg Winn

VP of Product

As a veteran of the United States Air Force and a successful entrepreneur, Greg is an experienced team leader. He has built many development teams for startup web companies, taking on business advisory roles to better align products with a company’s overall goals, leading to more successful launches.

Greg has been a software and electrical hardware engineer for over a decade, getting his start with the Nation Association of Rocketry where he built guidance and avoidance systems for high-powered rockets. After a few years in the online gaming industry, Greg acquired his first company and built TacticalZone, a community networking site for the NovaLogic video game, Delta Force. After selling the company to Playnet, Inc. in 2002, he helped build and develop many other top networking sites for the industry.

Greg has successfully launched many web platforms and SaaS-based products, and has worked and contracted with major organizations like Ackerman & McQueen and — further proof of his versatility in any field of business.

Matt Milhauser, VP of Strategy - Innovation

Matt Milhauser

VP of Strategy & Innovation

Matt is an entrepreneurial-minded business leader with a cross-functional knowledge of business and government relations. His area of focus is business and product development, policy development, implementation, and operational improvement strategies.

In the capacity of Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, Matt oversees multiple strategic business initiatives including development of new product and software offerings, strategic partnership alignment, corporate expansion, process streamlining and improvement, legal, etc. Prior to serving at Advantix, Matt worked in government relations as the Political Affairs Manager at The Aegis Group, Ltd. In this capacity, Matt oversaw all client operations and legislative activities at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as growth opportunities.


Tricia Shevlin

VP of Sales

Tricia brings 20 years of experience in consultative direct and channel sales in mobile telecom and IT products and services. As the Vice President of Sales, Tricia oversees the direct and indirect sales and master agent relationships. During her nine-year tenure with Advantix, Tricia has held multiple posts with the company, including Senior Consultant and Director of Sales. Prior to working at Advantix, she served in multiple posts at AT&T with a primary focus on net new revenue generation.

Bryce Merckling

Bryce Merckling

Consulting Services Engineer

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Brandon Criss

Junior Developer

Shelby Solomon

Shelby Solomon

Junior Developer